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In the Ubaye Valley, like everywhere in the Alps, there is no straight road but only narrow and winding roads.

This is the kind of bliss bikers find on the roads of the Ubaye Valley from Easter to Halloween.

Georges Clooney, among others, is looking for new horizons beyonds the 7 cols…

Crossing the Mercantour national Park and the Alpi Marittime Park, crossing the alpine passes of Vars and Larche (also know as Maddalena), the legendray col Restefond-La Bonette, Cayolle, Allos and many more will make your head spin!


12 trips designed by enthousiastic ubayen riders to discover the Ubaye Valley and its surrounding area.

Really make the most of your motorcycle trip with these intuitive roadbooks, which you can easily keep in the map holder of a motorcycle tank bag.

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The Tour of the Chapeliers & A panoramic view
The highest road in Europe
A ride in the upper Ubaye
Tour of the lake
The 3 passes
A little tour in the Hautes-Alpes
3 magnificent passes
The gorges of Daluis
Ride in the Dévoluy
A short tour in Italy
Parpaillon Tunnel

The 7 cols of the Ubaye Valley

Click the image to get the information about the col.

Col de la Bonette - Restefond (2802m)
Col de Vars (2108m)
Col de la Cayolle (2326m)
Col d'Allos (2247m)
Col Saint-Jean (1333m)
Col de Larche (1991m)
Col de Pontis (1301m)